Best Restaurants in Guayaquil

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Ecuador team

For Ecuadorians, as for many cultures in the world, food is the main ingredient to hospitality. Food is the way they show people they care, and it is always present in every event of life, whether a birth, a graduation, or a friendly get together.

This shows in the variety of local food you can taste throughout the country, as well as in the large selection of international cuisine available. From Asian to Italian, you will find almost any kind. You can have a complete lunch, with soup and juice, for as little as 2 or 3 dollars. But you can also have the finest gourmet meal, for a bunch of money... You will find the most variety and number of restaurants in Quito. Let us guide you through the vast realm of food in Ecuador, and help you find exactly what you want where you want it. Keep in mind that most restaurants in Ecuador charge, beside the 12% VAT (IVA), an additional 10% for service. It is also customary to leave a tip of around 10% of the bill, which very few places will give you the option of adding to the credit card charge.

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