Best Accommodation in Quito

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Ecuador team

From hostels to five-star hotels, you will find it all in Ecuador. Traditional, modern, or eclectic; lodges or haciendas; there's something for everyone, each with its special character and, mostly, the warm welcome of Ecuadorian people.

Ecuador has a wide selection of all kinds of accommodation; choose whatever suits your style, needs, or budget. Do you prefer peaceful nights, or to be in the midst of the hustle and bustle, or maybe immerse in history in a colonial downtown? Very special places await you, like the haciendas of the mountain regions, where you get to experience the country in a very unique and intimate way. The lodges of the Amazon Rainforest can offer exceptional adventure and exploration opportunities, including stays with the native people. Look for the spa resorts with very “ethnic” treatments, or hot spring pools, to relax and get pampered between adventures. You can use the “Find Accommodation By” option to ease the selection process by filtering the listings, or just browse and see what catches your attention. * REMEMBER * Ecuador has a TAX REFUND policy for tourists on accommodation expenses.

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